August Happy Hour Recap

Welcome to September! The summer is still summery, but we’re looking ahead to upcoming events and gatherings. We hosted a happy hour a couple weeks ago and got some input from some lovely ladies. There is enthusiasm for political outreach, for learning how to bike, and more. It was also great to hear about some of the different activities you’re already into: tandem rides for those with sight-impairments, trail ranger-ing, a really hilly weekend ride that you conquered!

We hope to see you (and your friends!) again soon. In the meantime, let’s recap a little about us:

Who we are:
We are a group of women who live, work, and/or ride bikes in Alexandria. Or we want to! The members are from different neighborhoods, different riding styles (like casual point-to-point and weekend long rides), and different backgrounds. The organizers of the group is known as the “Hub.” Look out for more information on the hubbies soon.
How we do what we do:
We are a volunteer group based on our community. While some of us might wish we could quit our full-time jobs and spend time organizing daily bike rides, we can’t. If you really want to see something happen, maybe hub can make it happen for everyone. Or maybe we need you to take initiative and help make Alexandria a better place for women to bike (hint hint: we heard 2 people are interested in morning coffee get-togethers). We’re happy to help, including getting the word out or putting you in touch with people better equipped to help you.
Speaking of getting the word out:
I encourage you to follow us online: email listserv, Facebook, Twitter, and this website. I know everyone has preferences (e.g. don’t use Twitter, prefer email blasts, like to Like on Facebook) but we can’t accommodate all of it. Feel free to join some or all of our social media outlets, but understand that information and interaction varies from platform to platform.
  • Consider an email blast if you need help planning a route to work, or want ladies to join you on a ride to a beer tasting, or if your bike shop is offering a deal on sports bras and jerseys. There is an option to receive emails to your inbox so you can opt out of receiving emails in your inbox but you’ll still have access to the listserv.
  • Friend us on Facebook to get invites to our events. The events are public and will be shared across the Facebook universe so you don’t need to friend us to see events. We aren’t a Facebook group but if you want to chat on a Facebook platform, I suggest you check out WABA Women & Bicycles’ page.
  • Follow us on Twitter for short blasts like “we’re at happy hour right now” or “Alexandria PD is handing out bike locks at Braddock today.” Consider Twitter if you like hashtags. Suggested hashtags: #bikedc #bikeva #AlexandriaVA #biketobeer #DelRay @bikeshare @WABADC @AlexandriaVAGov @KidicalMassALX
  • This website serves as a gateway – tell your friends to visit this page to get started with us. This is where longer recaps of our events will be posted as well as the Save the Date and Resources pages which are handy if you’re looking for our calendar or for a list of local bikeshops.
  • And if you want to contact the whole hub, email We do check it every now and then.

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