Join us for “Women on a Roll: A Bike Tour of Alexandria for Local Ladies”

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I’ve always wondered what it would be like to walk into a fancy car dealership (Maserati? Mercedes-Benz? Is there a Lambo dealership around here??) and ask to test drive that one. That shiny one right there. Of course I know it’s a limited edition series 5000Awesomesauce-fancy-thing-LE and has 10,000 horsepower under the hood… Actually, I would feel the same sense of dread and overwhelming anxiety if I waltzed into a used car lot selling junker cars or the trendy prom shop for girls on a high-school budget. I just don’t know the market and I fret that the salesperson is silently judging me – does this lady know what she wants? can she afford this? could she pull off this look?
This dread is also associated with bike shops and not just with me. According to the League of American Bicyclists’ August 2013 report,

Women are a powerful consumer force, but too often they do not feel welcome in bike shops or do not feel products address their desires and needs.

Have you felt this way before?
Sure Amazon Prime is handy, but it doesn’t cut it when it comes to trying on helmets or adding air to the tires. When bike shops — and all shops really (Google says there is a Lambo dealership in the area!) — are approachable by all customers, we see it as a win/win. Everyone feels comfortable buying their bikes, clothes, accesories, and tools from local shops. We get our shiny rides and the local economy is the better for it – and most importantly, the overall community wins too.
Ladies, join us on Sunday, May 4 as we take you on a bike tour of Alexandria. We’ll stop in local bike shops to get to know the lay of the land, to introduce ourselves to the salespeople, and to show the shops that we care and we need them in the community. We’ll learn what sort of products and classes the shops offer and see how friendly¬†the people who work there are, and we’ll ask them to think of us next time someone, anyone, comes in with a flat tire or a need for a new bike seat.
We’ll meet at 9:30am at Jones Point Park and start our ride at 10am sharp. It will be a leisurely ride and we’ll make sure no one gets left behind or lost. Bring yourself, a bike and helmet, and your energy. Wear something green so we’ll recognize each other as Women on a Roll.
Please register HERE for this free, no-drop, women-only ride
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One thought on “Join us for “Women on a Roll: A Bike Tour of Alexandria for Local Ladies”

  1. Thank you for stopping by Big Wheel Bikes in OT Alexandria on your May 4th, 2014 ride.

    Best wishes,
    Craig K. Hassler

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