Learning from Fionnuala Quinn

Have you ever wondered how roads work? Someone is making roads that engineer where we go and how we get there. How can we get in on that discussion and hold our own in a conversation with city officials and engineers? Last month, Atla Planning engineer and Fairfax resident Fionnuala Quinn lessened some of the mystery at her workshop “Facilities for Women on Wheels: A Workshop on Cycling Facility Design+Infrastructure.”

Fionnuala introduced about 20 women to terms like “sharrow” and “cycletrack” (respectively: a “shared road” with a painted bike with chevron arrows symbol on the pavement and a segregated/protected but still on the roadway bike lane). She also shared experiences in Fairfax on building bridges to connect kids to their school and demonstrated with toy cars and interactive posters. Thank you, Fionnuala! The information provides us a platform from which to learn more about ¬†infrastructure, bike lanes, and how our own communities are designed.

Fionnuala Design Infrastructure Workshop


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